Yanks have No. 2 infield of all time

Buster Olney continues to rank his all-time positional groups. While he had the 1961 Yankees outfield as the best ever, Buster says the 2009 Yanks fall just behind the Big Red Machine's infield of Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose and Dave Concepcion from 1976.

This is what Buster wrote about the Yankees infield of Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter:

The combined numbers for this group that season: 125 doubles, 112 homers and 391 runs. Cano had the lowest OPS+ of the four, at 121; Teixeira was at 141, Rodriguez 138, and Jeter 125. Teixeira hit 39 homers; Jeter hit .334 and generated a .406 on-base percentage, stole 30 bases in 35 attempts and scored 107 runs.

The Yankees won the World Series that year.

It's possible that all four members of that Yankees' infield wind up being inducted into the Hall of Fame: Jeter's a lock, Rodriguez will get in if there is an evolution in how candidates linked to PEDs are considered by voters, and Teixeira (338 homers and four Gold Gloves) and Cano (three top-six finishes in the MVP voting) have put up really strong numbers in the first halves of their careers.

Buster has the Mets' 1999 infield of John Olerud, Edgardo Alfonzo, Robin Ventura and Rey Ordonez at No. 3. It is a fun read; click here (Insider) to take a gander.