Cash reiterates A-Rod might miss season

Yankees GM Brian Cashman did an interview on WFAN Friday during which he said there is "a chance" Alex Rodriguez could miss the entire 2013 season.

Just like he did on Jan. 8 in this ESPNNewYork.com story.

Almost three weeks ago, prior to A-Rod's hip surgery, in a blog item titled "Will we see A-Rod this year?" we asked Cashman if A-Rod could miss the whole season.

“There is always a chance,” Cashman said. “We are told he should be back. Is there a chance that things don’t go as well? There is always a chance. Until after surgery you won’t know. We have been told he will be back. There are always risks associated with surgery, regardless.”

Cashman has not changed his stance. The Yankees think (hope?) A-Rod will return after the All-Star break, but there are no guarantees. Internally, they have to believe whatever he provides is just a bonus after two major hip surgeries.

QUESTION: Do you think A-Rod will be back this year?