Breaking: People dislike A-Rod

And in other news, water is wet.

In what has become an annual event, almost like Groundhog Day, Alex Rodriguez has once again made Forbes' list of the "10 Most Disliked Athletes in America." But in what could be a sign that the embattled Yankees third baseman might actually be becoming more popular, A-Rod finished a somewhat disappointing sixth in the Nielsen/E-Poll rankings, behind Manti T'eo, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Jay Cutler and the artist formerly known as Artest, Metta World Peace.

In fact, A-Rod garnered a not-too-shabby 22 percent appeal rating from the poll respondents, but still finished up less likable than Michael Vick, Kurt Busch, Tony Romo and his good buddy Kobe. Or as A-Rod said last season, "You know, Bryant. Of the Lakers."

Seems like this one would be more newsworthy if A-Rod wasn't on the list for a change. You can read the entire story, with accompanying photos, here.