State of the Binder: Day One

TAMPA, Fla. -- In this recurring feature of the blog, we will distill Joe Girardi's daily briefing session with the media into some salient bite-sized nuggets. We kick it off today with highlights from the manager's 30-minute address on the first day of training camp.

ON DEREK JETER'S COMEBACK: "I think he can, just knowing Derek. I think he can. But I think you have to see it to take away that trepidation you might have about it. And that’s true for any injury, when a guy comes back from a hamstring, there’s concern until you see him go through a week, maybe two weeks and how he responds. If he plays three days in a row, does he get sore? In my mind, I believe he’s going to be an everyday shortstop for us, but you still want to see it."

ON MARIANO RIVERA: "I would be more concerned with Mo if it was his arm than his knee. If he would have had a shoulder surgery, or if he would have had an elbow surgery, I would have been concerned. But I feel pretty good about Mo, and my guess is everyone in that room does."

ON LOSING RUSSELL MARTIN: "Time will tell how big of a hole it is. It's an opportunity for some players to step up."

ON THE CATCHING SITUATION: "Chris Stewart is probably going to play a bigger role this year. It's an opportunity for a young guy like Austin Romine. I know he missed a lot of last year, but he still has an opportunity here. (Francisco Cervelli) has a big opportunity in front of him. It's hard to quantify how many runs a catcher can save. I believe we have two catchers that can do a lot of that, the two that we take will save a lot of runs for us. Those are RBIs in my mind. Those are the types of catchers we're probably going to have this year."

ON THE AGE OF HIS ROSTER: "It's always a concern, but that's been something that we’ve been talking about for the last 10 years. Last year we were old and we won 95 games. This team has a lot of character. You might have to give a day off here and there more than you would if you had a bunch of 25 year olds. We have a lot of guys that are extremely experienced, understand what it’s like to play in this division, understand that it’s like to play in New York because of their experience. And I like that."

ON HEADING INTO THE LAST YEAR OF HIS CONTRACT: ”My faith is that God is going to put me where he wants me. That's what I believe. I don't worry about where I'm going to be next year. I'm not worried about next year's payroll. I'm worried about the next 162 games and getting to the playoffs and getting to the World Series. That's my concern."

ON HIS EXPECTATIONS FOR THE 2013 YANKEES: "This team could win 95 games and get to the World Series. There's a lot of talent in that room. If we play up to our capabilities, I believe we’re a very good team."