State of the Binder: Day Three

TAMPA, Fla. -- Joe Girardi moved his daily media briefing out of the big tent and back to the comparatively cramped confines of the manager's office at The Boss today. Here are few of the highlights:

THREE FOR FIVE: The manager hinted that David Phelps and Ivan Nova might not be the only candidates for the fifth starter's job, although he did concede they probably were the front-runners because of their big-league experience. "But you never know who might emerge," he said. Adam Warren, maybe? Dellin Betances?

CC ON SATURDAY: Girardi said it was his understanding that CC Sabathia would not throw his first bullpen until Saturday, contrary to what Sabathia had said on Tuesday about throwing one this morning. "There might have been a little confusion," he said. "There's nothing wrong with him, though."

WHO'S THAT BEARDLESS MAN?: Girardi got his first look at his new third baseman, Kevin Youkilis, and was pleased by what he saw. "Clean-shaven and everything," Girardi said. "Looks good.Looks good."