Morning Notes: Youk, Mo and Pineda

TAMPA, Fla. -- Another quiet day here in Yankees camp. None of the big-name pitchers are slated to throw today, but that doesn't mean we haven't already had one media circus this morning.

1. YOUK WALKS IT BACK: The media heading to the Yankees clubhouse this morning was met outside the door by Kevin Youkilis, who wanted to "clarify" his comments from yesterday, a totally unnecessary but indisputably wise move considering the vociferous distrust many Yankees fans seem to have for the former Red Sox. Andrew Marchand wrote the news story but what you -- and he-- didn't see is that when Youkilis arrived in the clubhouse this morning, he was greeted by some good-natured razzing from his teammates, including Andy Pettitte, who advised Youk to have a big "NY" tattooed across his chest. Youkilis took it well -- he went over to the table where the Yankees stack the daily New York papers and turned all of them sports-side up so that the blaring headlines about his supposed "loyalty" to the Red Sox could be seen by all.

2. MO: NOT YET: In what promises to become a daily routine, I sidled up to Mariano Rivera and whispered out of the side of my mouth, "Today?" And he whispered back, "Not today." Meaning, any announcement on his future will have to wait at least until tomorrow.

3. A SIDE OF PINEDA: Michael Pineda threw a side session this morning, 25 pitches, all fastballs, and declared his recovery from shoulder surgery to be on schedule.