Posada: 'Not interested' in comeback

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jorge Posada showed up for his first day in camp as a guest instructor, and once he got over the awkwardness of having to dress in the coaches' locker room instead of the main clubhouse, found that he enjoyed the experience of being back in training camp.

But the four-time World Champion said a couple of days would be enough for him. "I have no interest in playing ball," he said. "I don’t want to be gone for that long. You retire to be home and you don’t want to be gone for a month and a half."

Posada said he did like the idea of instructing young players and might want do it on a more extensive basis later on, but for now, he prefers to coach his son, Jorge Jr., who recently began playing ball, and his daughter, who plays tennis. "I enjoy being with them," he said. "I’m doing the taxi thing all over the place to take the kids, and I enjoy it. I enjoy that."

Posada said Hal Steinbrenner extended the invitation for him to spend a couple of days at camp working with the catchers. According to Joe Girardi, Posada's duties consist mainly of "Just observing, talking to the catchers, talking hitting. He knows a lot about this game, you know? He’s free to do what he wants."

And while Girardi said he refused to rule out the possibility that Posada would try a comeback, Posada slammed that door shut.

"I don’t think I could," he said. "Really, I don’t think I can. The grind of a long season, I don’t think I could do that anymore. I’m happy where I’m at. I’m not second-guessing myself. I know I can’t play the game now. In my mind, I think I made the right decision."