Morning Notes: Grandy, Mo and D-Rob

TAMPA, Fla. -- Let's get to some morning notes.

1. GRAND SMILE: Curtis Granderson said it was just a "five second" conversation with Joe Girardi when he was told that he would retain his center-field job.

"I'm excited to get back to center," Granderson said.

Granderson never seemed enthralled with the move to left, but was willing to be the good teammate. He felt he could have made the transition to left, but now Girardi is aborting the experiment because he doesn’t feel Granderson will have enough time to be comfortable. So Brett Gardner will stay in left and Granderson in center.

Granderson, who suffered a broken right forearm last month, is just one of several Yankees who have been injured.

"It is amazing what is going on here," Granderson said. "You can’t seem to walk away without somebody getting banged up."

Granderson said he has been cleared to ride a stationary bike. He can also do work with his left arm, his abs and his legs.

When Granderson is healed, he will go on a minor league rehab. Granderson previously said he would need just three games, but without spring training he will need a longer look, at least five games, probably a little longer.

2. MO DEBUT: Mariano Rivera is expected to pitch in a game on Saturday for the first time since he tore ligaments in his knee last May. Joe Girardi had hinted that Wednesday might be the day, but Rivera ultimately decides such things and Mo is pointing toward Saturday afternoon against the Braves. That game is on YES.

3. D-ROB FINE: David Robertson said his shoulder is fine. Bullpen coach Mike Harkey told Robertson to shut it down Tuesday night after he reported stiffness in trying to warm-up.

Robertson was checked out and said there is nothing wrong. He said if it were the regular season he would pitch.

"This feels like I slept like crap," Robertson said.