A-Rod, persona non grata

Alex Rodriguez is surrounded by reporters before the Yankees' Opening Day game. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

The media stood outside the Yankees' clubhouse, boxing out for position, in front of a Yankees banner where group interviews often take place. The team usually has three main choices for where planned pregame talks are conducted: the clubhouse, the news conference room or just outside the hallway, in front of the Yankees banner.

For Alex Rodriguez's re-appearance, a fourth option was created. He was right outside the clubhouse doors with no visible Yankees logo behind them. A team spokesman said this was coincidental, not planned, but it seems a bit conspicuous considering the bad vibe surrounding Rodriguez these days.

Rodriguez was not expected to be introduced prior to Monday's game, which everyone involved painted as his decision. It is odd for injured players not to be announced to the crowd on Opening Day, but this is the relationship between Rodriguez, the organization and the team's fans.

As far as what Rodriguez said, there was not much. Wallace Matthews chronicled it in a news story.

"I don't need to be introduced to feel like I'm a part of this team," Rodriguez said. "I'll tell you what, when I get introduced, I want to be on the field and not look back."