A-Rod, Torre nearly come to blows?

Not really!

The much-anticipated Alex Rodriguez-Joe Torre rapprochement finally took place before tonight's Yankees-Dodgers game, and when they came together, A-Rod briefly struck a boxing pose. But it was all in fun, and the former Yankee manager and his aggrieved superstar shook hands and chatted, apparently amiably, behind the cage as a gaggle of media looked on from a respectful -- and enforced -- distance.

A-Rod actually initiated the approach, after speaking for several minutes with a Yankees publicist about 50 yards away from where Torre -- who had earlier embraced Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera -- was watching his team take BP. Then, Rodriguez suddenly turned and jogged toward Torre with his hand extended. Torre comically raised his palms and backed away, at which point A-Rod jokingly put up his dukes.

Then, the two shook hands and that was that. No, Rodriguez did not ask Torre to autograph a copy of "The Yankee Years'' for him.