Game 75: Yankees @ Dodgers

Post-Mortem: Yankees come back to win a game they had no business winning, not after playing one of their worst defensive innings in years and falling behind 5-0 after four innings. And yet, they chip away until Robby Cano, MVP candidate, knocks one out the yard for an 8-6 win in 10 innings. And the question remains, why don't we do this Yankees-Dodgers thing more often? Back with answers soon.

12:11: Carroll grounds out and that's a wrap, 4:02 of mostly thrilling baseball.

12:10: Mo strikes out Johnson and now it's Dodgers down to their final out, Jamey Carroll batting

12:06: Martin slams his bat down after getting punched out by HP ump Chris Guccione on a cutter, then gets tossed, second Dodger tonight, third in three games

12:05: Mo went 3-0 to Martin, now gets back to 3-2

12:03: Loney starts off the LA 10th with an infield hit over second base

11:59: Mo coming out to try and nail this one down in the 10th, will face Loney, Martin and Johnson

11:57: Cano hit a pretty good pitch, FB away, drove it the opposite way into left-centerfield seats

11:56: Cano crushes Sherrill's second pitch into the pavilion and the Yanks go up, 8-6.

11:53: Great play by Furcal to cut off A-Rod's grounder in the hole, get forceout on Teixeira at second. LHP Geo. Sherrill coming on to face Cano

11:50: Tex singles to right leading off

11:49: RHP Ramon Troncoso pitching the 10th, Tex, A-Rod, Cano due up

11:47: Mo strikes out Blake and we've got Bonus Baseball Tonight

11:45: Anderson was angered by not getting a call on a 3-1 pitch -- the same pitch, incidentally, that was called a ball when Broxton threw it to Curtis -- ands said something to the umps on his way to first

11:43: Someone's been ejected from Dodgers dugout. Looks like Garrett Anderson, who came into the game as a defensive replacement for Ramirez, has been run by HP umpire after flying out

11:36: Cervelli bounces out to end the inning but Broxton is booed off the mound for blowing 4-run lead. Now, it's Mo's turn to show how it's supposed to be done

11:31: On the 10th pitch, Curtis' grounder to first ties the game when Loney steps on the bag, then fires home too late to get Granderson. Jeter coming up but Torre will walk him and pitch to Cervelli instead

11:30: Now it's Curtis working an an 8-pitch AB. Yanks wearing out Broxton, who's thrown 37 pitches

11:28: Russell Martin saves a wild pitch, and the tying run, with a great stop of a slider in the dirt

11:27: broxton is an inch low with his 1-2 to Curtis and his torture continues

11:24: Huffman delivers a clutch two-run single to right, Granderson goes to third and the tying run is 90 feet away, Colin Curtis up with still only one out

11:22: Granderson walks and the Yanks have bases loaded for Chad Huffman

11:20: Now it's Granderson fighting Broxton, who can't put anyone away

11:19: Posada to second on defensive indifference

11:17: On the tenth pitch, Posada lines a single to right, Cano to third, Yanks have tying run at plate with Granderson up

11:16: Posada fighting Broxton through an eight-pitch AB so far

11:10: Cano grounds a double over first base, A-Rod scores, and now it's a 6-3 game with Posada batting

11:08: A-Rod, who's had a good night after clearing the Torre mess from his mind, singles to left. Cano at bat

11:07: tex down looking at a fastball for first out; fifth looking K for Yanks tonight

11:03: Belliard grounds out and now, Yankees need four runs, only have three outs with which to get them. Jonathan Broxton coming on to pitch the ninth

11:01: Furcal smacks Joba's next pitch for an RBI double down RF line, Dodgers up 6-2.

11:00: with Furcal batting, yankees pitch out, but Carroll still steals second

10:56: Carroll beats out a grounder to third

10:55: Joba gets Johnson to rap into 543 DP; Jamey Carroll up to bat for the pitcher

10:51: Joba in to pitch the eighth, starts off by walking Martin

10:46: Tex' grounder to first becomes a devastating 3-6 double play

10:43: Jeter beats out a roller to short and Yanks have Tex and A-Rod coming up with one out

10:42: Jeter shows bunt and Belisario comes up and in, Captain goes flying, crowd goes nuts

10:39: Colin Curtis PH for Marte leading off the eighth

10:39: Kerhsaw's out after 7IP, 4H, 2ER, 5Ks, RHP Belisario now pitching

10:37: Marte pitches a 1-2-3 seventh

10:32: Girardi leaves LHP Marte out to throw to RHHs Manny and Blake

10:28: Yankees down in order, and quickly, in the seventh

10:22: Marte strikes out Ethier and Yanks escape the sixth

10:16: Belliard grounder to third results in rundown that erases Johnson, still second and third but two out for Ethier, and Girardi is going to collect Robertson and bring in Marte

10:16: Now a wild pitch moves both runners up

10:15: Robertson's in a little jam here after an infield hit, a sacrifice and a walk. Two on, one out for Belliard in the sixth

10:08: Pettitte's out after 5IP, 5R (4 earned), 3BB, 5Ks, 1HR, his worst outing since May 20 vs. Tampa Bay. D. Robertson now pitching

10:04: A-Rod hits one to Mannywood and it's 5-2 Dodgers

10:01: Swisher goes down looking. 4 of Kerhsaw's 5 Ks have been lookers

9:58: Jeter leads off the sixth with a single to right. Injury update: Gardner left the game with a bruised right forearm; no X-rays, day-to-day.

9:57: official scorer (rightly) changes the scoring on Belliard's third-inning bunt to an error on Pettitte, not Cano

9:53: Pettitte strikes out Martin to escape the fifth without damage

9:49: First two batters of the fifth hit the ball hard off Pettitte; Manny line out to right, Blake singles to left

9:44: Girardi allows Pettitte to hit for himself in the fifth, doesn't want to waste much bullpen tonight

9:34: Girardi said on the ESPN telecast that Gardner has "wrist swelling.''

9:32: Belliard jacks Pettitte's 1-2 pitch into the LF pavilion and it's 5-0.

9:30: Furcal's sac fly to right gives LA a 4-0 lead

9:28: Kershaw lays down a bunt and this time, Pettitte learns his lesson, gets the easy out at first. Johnson goes to third

9:27: Reed Johnson is killing Pettitte tonight, gets his second double of the game leading off the fourth

9:26: Gardner, who got hit with a pitch in what appeared to be the right elbow in the second inning, has left the game and Chad Huffman is now playing left

9:24: Yanks down in order in the fourth, 3-0 Dodgers

9:15: Martin bounces out to end the third but Dodgers score thrice (one unearned) one one legitmate hit, three bunts, two walks and two astonishing errors by the Yankee infield

9:13: Pettitte walks Loney and the bases are loaded for Martin

9:12: Pettitte's command left town about three hous before he will. Now he goes 3-1 on Loney

9:11: Pettitte Ks Casey Blake for the second out, now must get past Loney

9:08: Pettite goes 2-0 on Manny and with first base open, Yankees decide to walk him, much to the scorn of the crowd

9:06: Ethier's sac fly to center scores the Dodgers third run of the game, Beliard alertly goes to third and here comes Manny

9:04: The Dodgers' third consecutive bunt, this one by Belliard, is another disaster for Yankees as Pettitte throws it away to Cano covering first. Another run scores, runners at second and third, still none out. Official scorer gives the error to Cano, but Pettitte's throw was low and difficult to handle

9:03: Furcal catches the Yankees napping, drops a bunt up the third base line, Dodgers have first and second, none out

9:01: Pettitte has a rare brain lock on Kershaw's sac bunt, firing wide to third in an attempt at getting the lead runner. Error allows Dodgers to take 1-0 lead

8:58: Kelly Johnson, starting in place of regular CF Matt Kemp, leads off the third with a double into the RF corner

8:53: Swisher grounds out and Yankees waste leadoff baserunner

8:52: Jeter goes down looking at a 3-2 fastball

8:51: Pettitte, who hardly ever gets a chance to hit, has to give himself up for the team, bunting Gardner over to second for Jeter

8:48: Kershaw plunks Gardner in the side leading off the third

8:44: Pettitte sets the Dodgers down in order, striking out 2. Cutter looks nasty so far

8:36: Kershaw pitches a clean second

8:28: Manny raps into a DP and that'll do it in the first. After two sell-outs, quite a few empty seats here tonight, esp. in the upper deck

8:23: Dodgers have first and third,one out for Manny after Ethier singles to right

8:20: Pettitte walks his first hitter, Rafael Furcal

8:15: Tex pops out, A-Rod force at second, Yanks down without scoring

8:13: Casey Blake makes nice snag of Swisher's shot down 3b line, forces Jeter at second, one out.

8:10: Jeter lines Clayton Kerhsaw's second pitch of the game into centerfield for a single

Here are the lineups for tonight's Yankees-Dodgers game, first pitch at 8:05 p.m.:


Jeter SS

Swisher RF

Teixeira 1B

Rodriguez 3B

Cano 2B

Posada C

Granderson CF

Gardner LF

Pettitte LHP


Furcal SS

Belliard 2B

Ethier RF

Ramirez LF

Blake 3B

Loney 1B

Martin C

Johnson CF

Kershaw LHP