Mo: Jeter 'must be devastated'

TORONTO -- Mariano Rivera has not talked to Derek Jeter since the announcement that the Yankees Captain suffered yet another fracture in his left ankle and is unlikely to play for at least three more months.

But having been a teammate of his for 17 years now, Mo thinks he has a pretty good idea of how Jeter is feeling: "He must be devastated."

"Knowing him the way I know him, he wishes to be here right now," Rivera said in the clubhouse before tonight's Yankees-Blue Jays game. "It must be very hard for him. But those are things that are out of your control. He will be OK. We just have to be patient."

Rivera said he could relate Jeter's plight to his own last year, when he tore the ACL in his right knee shagging batting practice flies before a game in Kansas City. Almost immediately, Rivera announced that he would come back in 2013, and said if it were not for the Yankees doctors shutting him down last September, he probably would have tried to pitch before he was ready and reinjured his knee.

"Knowing him, that’s the last thing he wants people to remember," Rivera said. "As players, sometimes we push a little bit harder than we need to push. That’s our nature. We just want to do the things so we can be here for the team, to help the team as much as we can. This time, he has to be selfish and think about himself. For once, you have to think about yourself, think about what you have to do to get ready. That’s hard for us. I can’t imagine (how hard it is) for him."

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