A-Rod not on MLB All-Star ballot

Derek Jeter may have the opportunity to play in the All-Star Game at Citi Field.

Alex Rodriguez is going to have a buy a ticket if he wants to get in.

Despite both players being on the disabled list and a few months away from a return, Jeter is on MLB's All-Star ballot while the third baseman is not. Rodriguez has been replaced on the ballot by newcomer Kevin Youkilis.

Both players are currently working their way back to the Bronx, as Rodriguez is rehabbing from a left hip arthroscopy, and Jeter recently suffered a fracture in his left ankle that has set him back. Neither has played a game this season.

Despite Jeter being on the ballot, he, along with Rodriguez, is expected back after the All-Star break, meaning it may be unlikely he plays in the game if voted in.

• Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano is one of 10 American League candidates on the Home Run Derby fan poll. Cano won the event in 2011.

Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson are both on the ballot despite not playing a game yet this season. Unlike Jeter and Rodriguez, however, they are expected back in May. The Yankees also have Chris Stewart listed as their catcher over Francisco Cervelli, who has started more games this year.