First Pitch: Hal calls tickets 'affordable'

Hal Steinbrenner spoke at Yankee Stadium on Saturday. He disagreed with the assessment that tickets are overpriced in the Bronx. This is different point of view than what I generally hear from fans. This is what Hal had to say about ticket prices being too high:

"You hear about that in the media," Steinbrenner said. "You don’t hear that there are thousands and thousands of affordable seats in the $25 range for every game, not to mention the specials that we do, that we used to do at the old stadium. We have done every year. It is nothing new. We want to make sure that everyone that comes out here to see a Yankee game can get here and see one. There are plenty opportunities."

Fans are going to ballpark less this year. Prior to Saturday, through the first 23 home dates, the attendance was down nearly four grand a game on average -- from 41,115 in 2012 compared to 37,461 thus far in '13.

In 2009, the Yankees averaged 44,635 through 23 games, which rose to 45,046 after a World Series title. In '11 that number dropped to 42,062. The stadium holds 50,291.

So does Hal have a point or or not?

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QUESTION: Does Hal have a point on tickets or not?