Yankees: We're going to get Clarkin signed

Ian Clarkin said a number of memorable things before and after the Yankees drafted him. The fact he could not stand the Yankees when he was six was not the most important. But his words really stuck out when he stated he may not sign.

"It will just have to come down to life-changing money," Clarkin said. "We are going to have to talk about it over as a family, see what works best for me, see what works best for the family. Hopefully, we'll get the scholarship in the contract also, but it is going to come down to how the money changes our family's lives."

On Monday, Yankees draft guru Damon Oppenheimer said he is confident the 18-year-old Clarkin, a lefty with a plus curve and a 95-mph heater, will not end up in his hometown at the University of San Diego.

"We feel very strongly that we are going to get him signed," Oppenheimer said.

The Yankees cannot officially sign Clarkin until he finishes high school in the middle of this week. From there, the negotiations will rev up.