Overbay decision looks smart

With Mark Teixeira apparently experiencing another setback and his season possibly in jeopardy, the decision to keep Lyle Overbay looks like a smart one.

When Teixeira originally returned, Overbay even thought he might be a goner. With no position for him, he knew a left-handed, first-base-only bench player did not have a long lifespan. But the Yankees had Overbay play a little outfield and that worked OK -- though they really had him hang around for the exact scenario that seems to be unfolding.

If Teixeira were to go down, the Yankees would need a first baseman. Overbay is that man again.

Recently, Overbay hasn't hit as well as he did the first two months. His OPS has gone from .713 in April to .718 in May to .618 in June. He has yet to hit a homer this month in 44 at-bats. In the first two months, he was hitting a homer every 22.25 at-bats. Still, with his defense, the Yankees might not lose that much going from Teixeira to Overbay.

Meanwhile, at third, the Yankees still haven't been able to replace Alex Rodriguez. With Kevin Youkilis maybe out for the season and Rodriguez inching back, David Adams has gotten an opportunity.

Adams started well initially, but now has tailed off to .191 with two homers and nine RBIs in 26 games. In June, he has just four singles in 35 at-bats (.114).

QUESTION: Do you have faith in Overbay and Adams?