First Pitch: Girardi's hands are tied

BALTIMORE -- There are only 15 teams in the American League, but if you go down the Yankees' regular lineup, they only have three players who are in the top 15 in OPS at their position. It seems almost impossible, but that is how bad the Yankees are performing right now.

In compiling these numbers, we did not include the current everyday left fielder, Zoilo Almonte, because he has only played in 10 games. The numbers below were accurate entering Saturday's action. They are divided up by position, name, their OPS, and the OPS ranking for that position.

It is not pretty.

Catcher: Chris Stewart, .632, 23rd

First base: Lyle Overbay, .717, 17th

Second base: Robinson Cano, .852, 4th

Third base: David Adams, .511, 26th

Shortstop: Jayson Nix, .606, 18th

Left field: Vernon Wells, .633, 26th

Center field: Brett Gardner, .798, 8th

Right field: Ichiro Suzuki, .682, 20th

Designated hitter: Travis Hafner, .761, 3rd

This leaves Joe Girardi in a difficult position, because there is only so much he can do from the bench. Girardi says he is loathe to try "crazy" stuff like stealing bases with players not built to do that. Even the idea of hitting-and-running more doesn't make sense because the Yankees don't have those type of hitters, according to Girardi -- in other words, batters that make contact.

“You could talk about some hit-and-runs, but I don’t know if we’re a team that’s really built for a whole lot of that," Girardi said. "So it’s just being positive and continuing to encourage the guys and be the same person.”

And waiting for different players to show up. The Yankees will have played 81 games after Sunday night, half a season, and they are still waiting for the "A" team to arrive.

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ON DECK: In Game 81 on Sunday night, it will be Hiroki Kuroda (7-5, 2.77) versus Chris Tillman (9-2, 3.72). The game will be on ESPN, ESPN Radio and WatchESPN at 8 p.m.

QUESTION: How would you rate the job Girardi has done this year?