George Steinbrenner in notes and numbers

The beginning of the Yankees run under George Steinbrenner did not foreshadow the future in any way.

The Yankees started the 1973 season by getting swept in Fenway Park by the Red Sox (losing 15-5 in the first game to feature a DH, 10-5, 4-3), then lost to the Indians, 3-1.

Total of Free Agent Contracts Given

Approximate since 1990-91 Offseason

At that point, the Yankees were 0-4. They would never start a season that badly again under Steinbrenner's reign.

That was the beginning of an era that ended with Steinbrenner's death on Tuesday. What else was there to know about an owner who was larger than life?

At the time of his death, Steinbrenner was the longest tenured owner among current MLB owners, having owned the team since 1973. He was introduced as the team's owner on January 3, 1973, 53 years to the day of the official announcement of the sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees.

Most Managerial Changes Since 1973

Under Steinbrenner’s reign, the Yankees had the highest win percentage (.566), most World Series titles (7) and most division titles (16) of any MLB franchise since 1973.

Also under Steinbrenner, the Yankees made 22 total managerial changes, the most of any team since 1973.

The most games played under Steinbrenner? Derek Jeter, with 2,224.

Steinbrenner By the Numbers

The most home runs? Bernie Williams with 287.

The most wins? Andy Pettitte with 203.

The most All-Star selection? Derek Jeter, with a heavy heart, made his 11th on Tuesday. Mariano Rivera also has 11.