As the A-Rod turns

In case you missed it:

1. The Yankees are considering disciplining Alex Rodriguez because of his course of action this week.

2. A-Rod is lobbying to play and says Wednesday was just a mix-up. No harm, no foul. Well, that's what he hopes.

3. In the course of both of the stories, ESPN New York has learned about an 11 p.m. conversation on Tuesday between A-Rod and Randy Levine. Rodriguez called the team president and they had this exchange:

On Tuesday at 11 p.m., Rodriguez called Levine to tell him his injured quad was fine and that he wanted to return to the field as soon as possible. In an effort to make his case stronger, Rodriguez said he had sought a second opinion on his injured quad. Rodriguez would not share with Levine the name of the doctor who had done the examination, a source said.

Levine asked Rodriguez why he would seek a second opinion after Yankees team doctor Chris Ahmad had diagnosed a Grade 1 quad strain Sunday. The prognosis prevented Rodriguez from returning to the majors this week.

"What, you don't trust Dr. Ahmad?" Levine asked Rodriguez, according to sources with knowledge of the conversation.

Rodriguez, according to the same sources, responded, "No, I don't trust Dr. Ahmad."

4. Pete Rose says: Just come clean.