Tex: We want to get A-Rod drama behind us

NEW YORK -- Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira said the Bombers are getting anxious waiting for a resolution to the ongoing drama involving third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

"I think we all kind of want it to get behind us, no matter what it is," Teixeira said. "Once something happens or doesn't happen, then we can deal with it then.

"It's just good you can just play baseball every day. The team can focus on baseball and really not worry about those things."

Rodriguez is involved in Major League Baseball's investigation into Biogenesis, with a possible suspension looming, and the third baseman has also been at odds with the Yankees about his return. Rodriguez, who hasn't played this year, is currently on the disabled list and won't start playing in rehab games until Aug. 1.

Teixeira, who said he hasn't spoken to Rodriguez during the drama, said his right wrist is healing well after undergoing season-ending surgery on July 1. Teixeira played in just 15 games this year after he originally suffered his wrist injury during the World Baseball Classic, and had it flare up again shortly after returning to the Yankees.

"The doctors are very happy," Teixeira said. "[The doctor] said I'm healing probably a little ahead of schedule, which is good."

The first baseman was wearing a wrist cast on Friday, which was placed on him Thursday to replace an elbow cast. Teixeira said he'll wear this cast for two weeks before potentially moving to a removable cast; since he won't play this year, he said he's taking the healing process slow.

Teixeira will probably start his rehab, which will take place in New York, at the end of August, and the rehab will lead into his offseason conditioning program beginning Nov. 1. The plan is for him to be able to swing a bat on Jan. 1.

"That's our goal for me to be 100 percent swinging," Teixeira said.

It's been bittersweet summer for Teixeira, as he's been forced to be a spectator.

"This is my first time since I'm a kid I've been spending summers at home. Since high school I've been playing on travel teams, and then college, and the minors and the big leagues," Teixeira said. "It's kind of nice spending time with my family and being normal. Once it's 7 o'clock every night, it sucks. It does. The other part of it, at least I can take comfort I'm resting and healing and I'll be back next year."

Teixeira added that he had no regrets about his attempted return. The first baseman had the option to have surgery prior to the season and return late in the year, but he held off on surgery and returned to the lineup on May 31.

"If I had surgery right away, it's a six-month rehab. If I have surgery in March, first or second week of March, I'm back first or second week of September. And then I got to get my timing. Season is probably over anyway," Teixeira said. "I don't second-guess it at all. I had to try to go out there and play."