W2W4: The A-Rod Vigil, Day 2

TAMPA, Fla. -- Another day of waiting to find out if Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for 50 games, 100 games, 150-plus games or for life.

Arriving in style: At 8:45 a.m., Rodriguez arrived at the Yankees' minor league complex in his Maybach, which could be yours as well for a mere $380,000.

Is today the day?: Maybe, but signs seem to point to after the trade deadline, meaning Thursday or Friday.

On the field: A-Rod took tee and toss, grounders and ran the bases Thursday morning. He looked a little slow, which is what you would expect of a 38-year-old coming off two hip surgeries. When he ran the bases for the final time, he touched home, made the safe motion and did his patented hand clap.

What's next?: A-Rod and Yankees GM Brian Cashman are expected to discuss the next step in his rehab by phone on Wednesday, according to a source. The expectation is that Rodriguez will do a simulated game on Thursday and possibly head to Double-A Trenton on Friday. But: If Rodriguez is suspended under the collective bargaining agreement, MLB could prevent him from playing in games during the appeals process. If he is only penalized under the Joint Drug Agreement, then he would be eligible to play during an appeal.