Girardi: Fans wrong on A-Rod

CHICAGO -- The fans cheered Alex Rodriguez -- and Joe Girardi thought it was dead wrong.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez was grazed by a Chris Sale pitch in the third inning. The fans who had booed Rodriguez all night cheered.

"There is something wrong with that," New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi said after his team's 3-2 loss to the Chicago White Sox. "I often think it starts from the adults. If it were their child would they want him to be hit? Because the kids are only going to repeat what the adults do."

Said Rodriguez: "I didn't hear that. It was the weirdest thing. I forgot to put my elbow pad on -- probably the first time in 2,000 at-bats. Walking up to the plate, I said, 'Whatever you do, don't get hit in the elbow.' On the second pitch, I got hit on the elbow. I couldn't believe it. I love the fans in Chicago."

Rodriguez said the ball barely hit him.

Rodriguez, who was the DH, looked better than most of the Yankees at the plate, going 1-for-2 on the night. He walked in his first at-bat. He was hit by the pitch in his second turn. He lined out pretty hard to center with two men on in his third plate appearance. In his final at-bat, leading off the eighth, he hit a sharp single through the hole at short. He did not score.

"I think for the last two or three weeks, I've swung the bat relatively well," Rodriguez said. "I feel pretty good up there."

Said Girardi: "His plate appearances have been good."

With the Yankees trailing by a run, and with two outs and a man on first in the ninth, Alfonso Soriano struck out with A-Rod on deck.

"You always want to come up with the game on the line and get a big hit for us," Rodriguez said.

A-Rod is finding out quickly what being a 2013 Yankee is like -- no offense. He was asked if the team let too many players leave in the offseason.

"That is so far out of my jurisdiction. I've got enough issues of my own," Rodriguez said.