Sources: A-Rod begins grievance process

BOSTON -- Alex Rodriguez's lawyers contacted the Major League Baseball Players Association earlier this month to formally begin the grievance process into claims that the New York Yankees have mishandled his medical treatment since last October's playoffs, sources familiar with the communications between the two parties told ESPNNewYork.com.

One of Rodriguez's attorneys, Joe Tapocina, alleged on Saturday that the Yankees put Rodriguez on the field during the playoffs even though they knew he was playing with a bad hip. Rodriguez's side also contends that Yankees president Randy Levine told the surgeon who performed Rodriguez's offseason hip operation that if Rodriguez never saw the field again Levine would be fine with it. Lastly, there is the contention from last month that the Yankees refused to let Rodriguez play because of what they diagnosed as a Grade 1 quad strain. A-Rod declared he was healthy enough to play.

Levine and the Yankees have denied all the allegations.

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