Cash: We'll use $189M for our advantage

While Brian Cashman would not specifically talk about Masahiro Tanaka, he did make it sound as if the hypothesis we floated on Saturday could be right with regard to the 24-year-old righthander, who may be better than Yu Darvish. Speaking on ESPN Radio's Ian O'Connor Show Sunday morning, Cashman also reiterated the goal of the team's self-imposed $189M 2014 threshold was to use the money for the Yankees instead of spreading it around baseball in the form of luxury taxes and revenue sharing.

"If we can reset the clock to some degree, without a doubt, that excess money that we are currently pouring into other franchises in major league baseball would then be able to pour into our player acquisition sole and wold be able to be poured into this franchise over the next number of years," Cashman said. "If we can reset that clock, it will be a benefit for the franchise, for the Yankees and for the Yankee fans and I'm not just talking about selfish reasons as much as being able to utilize that money instead of putting other teams in a better position it would be putting ourselves in a better position to attack market places with that excess money instead of losing it out the door in taxes and revenue sharing. It is a goal."

Sure sounds like a bid for Tanaka would fit into that plan. Let's say the Yankees spent $120 million on Tanaka ($60M on posting, $60M on his contact) and $200 million on Robinson Cano, that is a $320 million offseason outlay, while still keeping open the possibility of the staying below the $189M threshold in 2014. Who is going to complain that they are being cheap? No one -- and they could reach Hal Steinbrenner's dual goal of spending less and still fielding what could be a contending team.