Murphy to the Yankees? Probably not

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Well, I ran into a baseball official with knowledge of any talks between the Yankees and the Mets, and he said the Yankees haven't called on Daniel Murphy.

The Yankees need a second baseman and Murphy can play the position, but, as of now, nothing to see here.

Yankees reception: Brian Cashman spent a couple of hours Monday at the Yankees reception here in Florida, which a source said was quite nice. So Cashman did have some trade talks on Monday, but he was also preoccupied with the dinner.

That said, with cell phones and emails, etc., the importance of the Winter Meetings for GMs have been a bit overstated. They talk all the time -- before, during and after.

However, with Christmas around the corner, players do want to know where they can be so it is still a marker for finalizing some business.