Assistant GM: We're undecided on Tanaka

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The assistant GM of the Rakuten Gold Eagles said the team is undecided about if it will post Masahiro Tanaka because the new posting system might not make sense for the club.

Under the proposed new rules, the club can receive a maximum bid of $20 million. In prior years, major league teams were able to offer as much as they wanted.

"We don't know if this is the right value for this type of trade," Rakuten assistant GM Aki Sasaki said in the lobby of the Swan & Dolphin Hotel.

If the system had remained the same, then Tanaka would have been posted. That decision was basically decided when Tanaka met with the team last year.

"He just expressed that his dream of playing the states," Sasaki said. "At that time, according to the posting system, we promised to him after the 2013 season when we will discuss your dream. Now, that the posting system has been changed."

If Rakuten doesn't post Tanaka, then they could do it next year. In two years, Tanaka can become a free agent without being posted.

The Yankees have interest in Tanaka.