Gardner-Phillips swap stalls

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Since the Yankees began their listening tour for Brett Gardner, there have been rumors about a possible trade that would send Brandon Phillips to the Yankees for Gardner. Sources have played down the Yankees' interest in Phillips, but still the rumors persisted.

On Wednesday night, CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reported the Yankees have rejected a straight-up deal, Gardner-for-Phillips, which makes sense. The Yankees don't like the idea of paying $50 million over the next four years for a 32-year-old second baseman who has seen his OPS go from .810 to .750 to .706 the last three seasons.

There was a report by CBS that Phillips also wanted more money to waive his no-trade clause if the Yankees had agreed to a deal. While players often put teams they are willing to go to on their no-trade list as a negotiating tool, in this case, a source told ESPN New York that Phillips was never approached by the Reds about waiving anything.

So, the Yankees continue to listen on Gardner and, as we wrote on Wednesday, it seems more likely they would deal him for a starter than something else. As of now, though, the right opportunity hasn't presented itself.

Question: Would you have traded Gardner for Phillips?