Question 14: Predicting the Yankees' wins

The Boss used to say the season was a failure if it didn't end this way. How will the 2014 Yankees measure their success? Corey Sipkin/Getty Images

As we count down to Opening Day, Wallace Matthews and Andrew Marchand will answer 14 for '14 -- the top 14 questions facing the 2014 New York Yankees.

Question: How many games will the 2014 Yankees win?

Andrew Marchand: The Yankees will win 90 games and earn the second wild card because their lineup is better and the additions of Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda, to go along with a more mature Ivan Nova, will give them a deeper rotation for 162 games. David Robertson will be fine in the closer role, while rest of the bullpen is a question mark.

Last year, I didn't think the Yankees were going to make the playoffs, even before the injuries. This season, that could be the case again with their fragile infield and questions about CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda. Still, if they stay healthy, I believe this Yankee team squeaks into October.

Wallace Matthews: Making predictions is my least favorite part of this job, because if you get 'em right, nobody remembers, and if you get 'em wrong, nobody forgets. The season is too long and the game is too random for any type of precision forecasting. There's no way of knowing in March who will get injured, who will underperform, who will overperform, who will even be on the roster by September.

So with all my excuses out of the way, I will say that I like the Yankees roster as currently constituted. Could it be younger? Absolutely. Less prone to injury? Absolutely. But there's a lot of upside here, and assuming everyone stays reasonably healthy and performs as expected, I think this team is at least five wins better than last year's team and probably more like seven. So I'll say they win 92 games and snag the the first AL wild card. Remember that if I'm right. If I'm wrong, well, I told you -- you just can't predict baseball.