Girardi on PineGate: I know nothing

NEW YORK -- When asked about the alleged pine tar on Michael Pineda's hand, Joe Girardi basically pulled a Mark McGwire, saying, he wasn't here to talk about the past.

Here is Giradi on PineGate:

Q: It seemed in the third inning, there was some type of substance on Pineda's wrist area, then in the fifth it wasn't there. Did you see anything?

"There is really not much for me to speak on concerning that," Girardi said. "All I know is he pitched extremely well and we are glad to have him back."

Q: Joe, your answer on the apparent substance on Pineda's hand needs some clarification, does that mean ... you didn't see it?

"I never saw it," Girardi said. "There is nothing really for me to talk about."

Q: Joe, with all due respect, you want to say, for the record, that you didn't have any idea he had this thing on his hand. And you were not notified during this game about it?

"What I said is I didn't see it on his hand is what I said," Girardi said. "No. 2, I don't really have anything to say about it."

Q: I assume, if he had nothing on his hand and he was pitching completely legal tonight you would probably tell us, right?

"I really don't have much to say," Girardi said. "He pitched great tonight and we are glad to have him."

Q: Do you think this controversy will take away from Pineda's performance?

"Not in our clubhouse, it won't" Girardi said. "Those are the people you see every day. You hear every day. You have to be with every day. That's the important thing."

Q: Were you notified during the game that this was out there?

"I really don't have anything to say on the subject, except he pitched great and we are glad to have him."