Pineda: 'I know I made a mistake'

Right after his 10-game suspension was announced, Michael Pineda met the media and answered questions. Here is a partial transcript.

What do you think of the suspension?

"I feel so bad. This is baseball's rule. I feel bad."

Will you appeal or accept?

"I'll accept it because I know I made a mistake. That's it."

How do you communicate with Joe Girardi and Larry Rothschild? English or through a translator in Spanish?

"I never use a translator. I know I don't have great English, but I try. I want to practice my English all the time. Sometimes I don't understand the question. Sometimes I make a mistake and says sorry."

Did you know you could get thrown out of the game if you used the pine tar?

"The first time they talked to me what was going to happen. I said, 'OK.' Last night I make a mistake because I don't really feel the ball in the first inning. I was trying to be careful not to hit somebody on the other team. I used it because I want to make a good pitch in the game. The pine tar is pine tar. Pine tar does not make me throw more hard. It helps me to feel a better grip on the mound."

Did you think of putting it in a place where it couldn't be seen?

"I try to put it on my neck, just a little bit. I put in too much and everybody sees it. It was my mistake. I feel so sad and bad for that."

Did you decide to put it on your neck or did someone suggest it?

"Nobody tell me. I did it by myself."

Did you know you could get suspended for this?

"I wasn't really sure. I know something could happen."