CC has worst start of year

NEW YORK -- In a year filled with bad starts, Sunday's was probably CC Sabathia's worst.

Sabathia lasted just 3 2/3 innings vs. the Tampa Bay Rays, giving up five runs (all earned) on 10 hits. Sabathia also failed to cover first on a potential double-play ball off of Evan Longoria's bat in his final inning, the fourth.

Sabathia's ERA is now 5.75. If he is not hurt, it begs the question of what the Yankees should do with him. Their options are extremely limited.

With three years and $73 million remaining on his deal, he is not going anywhere, no matter what any fan on Twitter wants. No one would trade for him and the Yankees aren't eating that money. Plus, it is too early for that type of panic.

But the idea that the Yankees can just pretend CC is going to become an ace again or that this is just bad luck must be thrown out, as well. Sabathia gave the Yankees four great years. Last year was not good. This year might be worse.

Question: What should the Yankees do with CC?