Would you sign Kendrys Morales?

NEW YORK -- If Mark Teixeira were going to miss the rest of the year, then I think Kendrys Morales would make sense. But right now, there is no indication that Teixeira's inflamed wrist is going to knock him out for an extended period. He returned Tuesday night and survived.

This brings us to Morales. If the Yankees signed him and Teixeira stays healthy, where exactly does Morales' at-bats come from? Joe Girardi has already said that Carlos Beltran will receive more DH days when he returns from his bone spur. The DH position is sort of a rest stop for the Yankees, as Dave Schoenfield explained Tuesday.

The Yankees have reportedly reached out to Morales, even though their roster is filled with DH types or guys who need to play there on occasion in Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Beltran and Derek Jeter. But Yankees DHs are hitting .203/.259/.372, so you can see the interest in Morales, who would also provide insurance for Mark Teixeira at first. Soriano, with 55 strikeouts, six walks and a .230 batting average, hasn't been the same dangerous hitter he was last summer, so the Yankees may just decide to move on from him.

Soriano against right-handed pitching is a problem. He entered Tuesday night, hitting just .195 against right-handers. So perhaps Morales could fill that spot, but he is not necessarily an upgrade -- especially without spring training.

If the Yankees now have a bottomless payroll, then I guess why not pick up Morales as a platoon DH/insurance first baseman? However, I don't think they do have unlimited payroll. So if Teixeira's and Beltran's diagnosis are not projecting season-ending injuries -- and they aren't at this point -- I don't really see the point.

Plus, why would Morales -- if the money is close -- want to sign with the Yankees, who don't have an obvious opportunity?

Question: Would you sign Morales?