Cano 'took advantage' of Yankee Stadium

SEATTLE -- Robinson Cano has had a pretty good first 10 weeks as a Seattle Mariner.

His .330 batting average is third-best in the American League, and his on-base percentage (.381) is seventh-best in the AL. His team is five games over .500 going into tonight's game against the Yankees, and Cano is the leading vote-getter among American League second basemen for the All-Star Game.

But there is one Cano stat that jumps out for its sheer incongruity: Home runs, of which he has two.

That is a very un-Cano-like number for a player who had averaged 28 HRs a season for the previous five years.

But Cano said tonight that was more a product of the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium than of his own long-ball prowess.

"I know I’m not a home run guy," he said. "I just took advantage that I was playing on a short field. We know what kind of field it is."

Cano also said his lack of power numbers is a result of how he is being pitched this year. "Everything is middle-away, and I just have to go with it,'' he said. "I’m not trying to do too much. I’m not going to try to do too much, either.”

Cano also admitted that spacious Safeco Field could be having a detrimental effect on his ability to hit the ball out of the park -- both of his home runs this season have come on the road.

“It’s a park where you have to hit a liner to go out," he said. "But that’s not an excuse. We don’t play every game here.”

Unfortunately, he doesn't play 81 at Yankee Stadium anymore, either.