Joba: Hitting Jeter was worst feeling ever

Derek Jeter took a 94 mph fastball to the side in Tuesday's 4-3 loss. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

NEW YORK -- Joba Chamberlain was thrilled when he walked off the Yankee Stadium mound for the first time as a visitor.

He wasn't happy the second time.

Chamberlain gave it a big fist pump after his strikeout of Martin Prado that ended the ninth inning Tuesday night, but his head dropped when he hit Derek Jeter with a pitch with two out in the 10th.

Chamberlain got out of the inning without allowing a run, but that did nothing to change the main thing that had him down:

He had hit Derek Jeter.

"That was the worst I've ever felt in my life," Chamberlain said later. "That was the most miserable I felt in my life. I couldn't apologize enough."

Chamberlain hasn't been gone from the Yankees for long, but the team has changed so much that he was an ex-teammate of only two of the five Yankee batters he faced. But one of the two was Jeter, and he happened to be the guy Chamberlain hit.

"You have to crowd him," Chamberlain said. "I had him right where I wanted him."

He did, until he threw the 94-mph fastball that rode in and hit Jeter on his side.

Jeter looked out at him, as if to say, "Are you serious?" Chamberlain dropped his head.

He has hit batters before. He hit 12 of them in 2009, leading the league.

But this was different. This was Derek Jeter.

This time, Joba Chamberlain wasn't thrilled.