Sawx offense might improve before Yanks

The Yankees and Red Sox have a long way to go. Who'll get there first? USA TODAY Sports-AP Photo

NEW YORK -- The Yankees are going to finish ahead of the Red Sox this season, but it is unclear if they are better set up for the future. This especially might be true with their bats.

The Red Sox lineup on Wednesday night was littered with players 30 years old or younger, such as Brock Holt, Mookie Betts, Yoenis Cespedes and Allen Craig. When you mix in the recently signed Rusney Castillo and the still young Will Middlebrooks, Boston has a potentially strong lineup.

The Yankees are devoid of young, offensive talent. They do not have one sub-30-year-old player who is likely to make a big impact next year. Maybe Rob Refsnyder could be a major leaguer as a utility guy or a starting second baseman, but it's not clear how high the Yankees are on him.

Unless Brian Cashman -- who is a pretty good bet to return as GM -- can get very creative, the Yankees are a bit inflexible for next year. First base (Mark Teixeira), third base (Alex Rodriguez), outfield (Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran), catcher (Brian McCann) and utility guy (Martin Prado) are all accounted for. That leaves second base and short as the only two positions where, at the moment, the Yankees can upgrade in the offseason.

So either the Yankees' veterans will perform more like the back of their baseball cards, or Boston might have the offensive edge in the coming years.

Offense is down all over the game, but no more so than in the Bronx and Beantown. Whichever team can improve the fastest might be contending for the division the soonest.