Matchups: Why the Red Sox have an edge

There are few things in the world I like more than matchups. Who is better? Who is worse? To me, that is why we love talking sports.

So when one of my first assisgnments on the new site was matching up the Red Sox and Yankees rotations, I was psyched. I gave the Red Sox the slight edge because of the three questions I asked execs.

If you could have one pitcher, whom would it be? If you have one rotation for the regular season, whom would pick? And if you could have one young starter from each team whom would choose?

I kept it to the regular season, because it is silly to talk about the playoffs when we have no idea about injuries or whom the teams will trade for by then.

CC, to me, is clearly the best starter, but I did like what one GM said about Jon Lester possibly challenging him. Lester is by far the best young starter.

That leaves us with which rotation is better for the regular season. You could go either way, but I think the Yankees' rotation is a little more fragile and, while much deeper than last year, not as deep as the Sawx.