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Friday, April 20, 2012
The Binder: Gotta go to Mo?

In a recurring blog feature, The Binder, will present all of the major decisions by Joe Girardi, a.k.a. Joey Looseleafs. We will not only evaluate The Binder's choices, but we will track The Binder's win-loss record.

In the ninth inning of a game the Yankees seemed to have well under control leading 6-2 over the Red Sox with a runner on base, none out and the bottom of the order coming up-- Joe Girardi suddenly decided to pull Cody Eppley after a leadoff single by Jarrod Saltalamacchia and bring in Mariano Rivera.

That's right, the 42-year-old gem of the bullpen, who the manager has said he would handle as if made of glass this season. In a non-save situation. It made no sense at the time, and it makes no sense now that the game is over and the Yankees held on to win.

Mariano, of course, came in and did what he does best, striking out Cody Ross and pinch-hitter Nick Punto before getting Mike Aviles to ground out to end the game.

Technically, The Binder gets a win here, but really, was this appearance absolutely necessary?

"We told him if one guy got on we were going to bring him in,'' Girardi said. Our thought was if we don't have to use him we're not going to use him. But this park can be difficult sometimes. The wind is blowing out today so I made sure I gave him some wiggle room.''

The Binder record: 3-2