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Monday, October 15, 2012
Girardi's evolution on replay

By Andrew Marchand

To me, it is always a good thing when people evolve their views. They are not stuck in thinking the same thing year after year. So it appears, from this audio that Jared Max of ESPN New York 98.7 FM found in his archives, that Joe Girardi has evolved on replay.

On Sunday, he said:

"In this day and age, when we have instant replay available to us, it has to change," he said. "These guys are under tremendous pressure. It takes more time for me to argue than for them to get it right. I'm not saying Robbie Cano's safe last night. But it changes the game. There's a lot more pressure on a pitcher when you're up 1-0 in the eighth than when you're up 3-0. I'm not saying that we win the game if the call is right. But in this day and age, there's just too much at stake. And the technology is available."

In 2009 during the ALDS, when the Twins got the raw deal on what should have been a Joe Mauer double, Girardi didn't like the idea of overturning it.

"The thing about baseball is it's a real rhythm game, and I am sure football is, too, but I think if you were to start to instant-replay all these plays, I think it would break the rhythm of the game, and our games all get to be four games long. If you start instant-replaying everything, then you could go as far as a strike and it could just become too long. ... I like the way they are doing it, just home run calls, those are important plays; and there are other important plays, and you could look at the play the other night and say that was an important play, but I think there would be too many things that people would want instant replay -- and where would you stop?"

USA Today went into detail about the reversal, as well.