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Sunday, December 8, 2013
Sterling home run calls for newest Yankees

By Andrew Marchand

As we travel down to Orlando for the Winter Meetings, let's have some fun. We asked you on Twitter for some John Sterling home run calls for the new players. Here are some of the best ones -- and some others -- we got. Feel free to add your own in the comments:

@AndrewMarchand Obey-won-Jacoby forces one over the right field seats!

— David Ramos (@dmr711) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand Ells buries that one in the bleachers

— John Massey (@JTMassey79) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand Oh brian mc cann can can!

— derek sowards (@moriv42) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand Ellsbury! Dough-BOY! He-hooo! Nothin says lovin like a homer in the oven!

— YoDamaggio (@YoDamaggio) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand I have one for Beltran and McCann: "Carlos 'Belt's' one out of here!" and "Brian! Yes he 'McCann!"

— Delia Enriquez (@dfiregirl4) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand Carlos crushes one! A Beltran blast!

— Bob Sismilich (@bobsis24) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand "Light the McCanndles and say a prayer for that ball because it's gone!" #SterlingHRCalls

— Rob Kesack (@DaKEYIssue) December 7, 2013

@AndrewMarchand Brian goes deep fryin as he serves up a BigMac Yes he Can yes he Can he is #BrianMcCann #sterling #HRCall

— MIKE & DAWN (@MikeandDawnNY) December 7, 2013

@andrewmarchand The new #SterlingHRCalls For Cano "Oh Robbie Cano.....boy does he love dough!!"

— Mark Brown (@NYKfanInBK) December 7, 2013