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First Pitch: Is Jeter an AL MVP candidate?

August, 23, 2012

In this week's edition of Bombers' Beat, I take a look at whether the Yankees will have enough pitching to hang on in the AL East and into October. I respond to questions about Derek Jeter being an AL MVP candidate, how worried the Yankees should be about the Rays and what Curtis Granderson needs to find himself again.

UP NOW: Wallace Matthews, with his take on the state of the Yankees.

ON DECK: Wally will have you covered on the blog all day on this off day. Then he will be in Cleveland for the Yankees and Indians. CC Sabathia will make his return as the Yanks hold their breath with each pitch he throws.

QUESTION NO. 1: Is Jeter an AL MVP candidate?

QUESTION NO. 2: Are you getting concerned about the Yanks?

Bombers Beat: Second half edition

July, 12, 2012

Andrew Marchand gets you ready for the second half of the season with Bombers Beat. Topics include: Will the Yankees be able to rest players before the playoffs? Will Russell Martin be replaced? How about Francisco Cervelli coming back? What is the deal with the too-many-home-runs debate? Will Andruw Jones start more?

Subway Series Bombers Beat

June, 8, 2012

Andrew Marchand and Wallace Matthews look at Johan Santana's start against the Yankees. They also answer if the Yankees will be active in the trade market.

You down with JPP?

April, 26, 2012

Look who made a special guest appearance on Bombers Beat.It comes a little after the one-minute mark.

First Pitch: What else can go wrong?

April, 26, 2012

Since it's an off-day, probably nothing.

Then again, just about everything that could go wrong for the Yankees, at least on the pitching side of the equation, did go wrong on the road trip that ended with last night's 7-3 loss to the Texas Rangers in Arlington.

Freddy Garcia got shelled in Boston. Phil Hughes got shelled in Texas. Andy Pettitte did OK, but not much better than that, in Trenton. And Michael Pineda is going under the knife on Tuesday.

If that's not enough, Yu Darvish, the Japanese phenom the Yankees chose not to bid on, stuck it to them with a masterful performance the other night.

Basically, the Yankees need this day off to rest, lick their wounds and consider the pleasant prospect of a weekend at home -- in the company of the Detroit Tigers.

Yes, those same Detroit Tigers who sent them packing early in last year's ALDS. The Detroit Tigers who already had Justin Verlander, the Cy Young Award and MVP winner for 2011, and Miguel Cabrera, last year's batting champion, and added Prince Fielder to the mix in the off-season.

On the bright side, the Yankees have Ivan Nova -- facing Verlander-- on Friday and CC Sabathia going Sunday. In between, it is Garcia, pitching once again for his baseball life.

And they have a red-hot Derek Jeter, batting .420 and riding a 15-game hitting streak, and the AL's RBI leader, Nick Swisher, with 21.

And they have a 10-8 record that, with the kind of starting pitching they have gotten so far, could easily be a whole lot worse.

So enjoy this 24-hour breather, because for one day at least, nothing bad can happen to the Yankees.

And get ready for a weekend at home that promises to be just as tough as the week on the road that just ended.

The Question: Who do you blame for the Michael Pineda mess? Brian Cashman, for making the trade? The Mariners, for sending along damaged goods? Pineda himself, for coming to camp out of shape? Or the Baseball Gods, for making pitching arms so darned fragile?

Up now: My column from last night's game, in which I chronicle a day of Yankee pitching catastrophes across the country.

Up soon: Katie Sharp with This Week in Yankeemetrics, plus other blog goodies as they develop.

Bombers Beat: Montero Meter at 60 percent

April, 20, 2011

One of the cool things about our new show, Bombers Beat, and the whole social media revolution is hearing what people are talking about it. One of the biggest right now from my Twitter account is:

Will Jesus Montero be traded for a frontline starter.

With this in mind, during this week's Bombers Beat, I get into it and I begin the Montero Meter.

Here is a little more information into why I have the Montero Meter at 60 percent he will get traded by July 31. No. 1, he is the best chip that Brian Cashman has that Cashman has a willingness to deal. Cashman has already included Montero in failed attempts to land Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee the past 18 months.

Manny Banuelos is the best chip, but I would be absolutely shocked if Cashman dealt him.

(Even for Felix Hernandez, though, if Cashman did that my reaction would drop from "absolutely shocked" to a "bit surprised.")

The No. 2 reason that Montero might be dealt is because, though, the Yankees say all the right things about his defense, there are questions if he will be able to be average behind the plate. I think Joe Girardi and Cashman believe a catcher's first responsibility is the pitching staff.

Is it great to have such a great bat, like a Posada or a Piazza, as your catcher? Yes, but the Yankees have offense at nearly, if not, all other positions. So it is a luxury.

Thirdly, as I spoke about on Bombers Beat and the blog just below, the Yankees hierarchy loves Russell Martin. They have for awhile. He is controllable and has a reasonable contract. He could be their catcher next year and maybe longer. Then they have Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez coming. Not to mention, Francisco Cervelli. (Sorry, Gustavo Molina, you are not in the long-term plans.)

You add that up with the fact that Montero has been crushing the ball at Triple-A and the Montero Meter is at 60 percent he will be traded by July 31. .

What do you think?



Jacoby Ellsbury
.271 16 70 71
HRM. Teixeira 21
RBIJ. Ellsbury 70
RB. Gardner 81
OPSB. Gardner .750
WM. Tanaka 12
ERAH. Kuroda 3.77
SOH. Kuroda 137