New York Yankees: injury report

Injury Report: Hafner happy with BP session

May, 16, 2013
Yankees manager Joe Girardi provided updates on the team's injured stars before Thursday's game against Seattle. Here's the latest on the injured contingent.

• Yankees designated hitter Travis Hafner's batting practice session Thursday went well and Hafner's hoping he will be back soon. Hafner (shoulder) has missed the team's last three games and is not sure if he can be used as a pinch hitter Thursday. The veteran also did soft toss in the cage prior to the game.

"Everything went really well," Hafner said. "Didn't have any of the issues I had before. I'm really happy with how it went."

With Hafner out, the Yankees have been able to use four of their outfielders regularly in the lineup. When he returns, the Yankees will have to determine who will sit among Curtis Granderson, Vernon Wells, Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki on the days when Hafner serves as the designated hitter.

• Starter Michael Pineda (shoulder) is scheduled to throw four innings (up to approximately 50 pitches) Friday. Girardi is not sure whether Pineda will be tossing in an extended spring training game or an intra-squad game. The manager reiterated that he expects to have Pineda in pinstripes this year.

"Sometime in the summer we expect him," Girardi said.

Girardi said a key aspect of Pineda's rehab is getting the starter's arm built up to throw 100 pitches. Pineda has not pitched a game in the major leagues the past two seasons after the Yankees acquired him from Seattle in 2012.

“We’ll continue to build him up," Girardi said. "Starters, as you know, take a lot longer than relievers because you have to get them to 100 pitches. For a kid that hasn’t pitched in a couple of years, that’s something you may want to see a couple of times to make sure he’s ready to go every fifth day.”

• Third baseman Alex Rodriguez (hip) did some work in soft toss and off the tee and "felt pretty good the other day doing that," according to Girardi. The manager reiterated the team is expecting him after the All-Star break.

• Shortstop Derek Jeter (ankle) was re-evaluated earlier this week and the reports were positive. Jeter, like Rodriguez, is scheduled to return after the All-Star break.

“It’s healing. They see the bone is going back together. They say it’s healing," Girardi said. "I think he’ll be out of the boot sometime shortly and then he’ll go from there. It was good news what we got. It is healing.”

• Third baseman Kevin Youkilis (back) has done some work off the tee and soft-toss hitting. Girardi said he believed Youkilis was scheduled to have Thursday off and receive treatment.

"He feels better," Girardi said. "They're talking about (batting practice) soon for him."

• Starter Ivan Nova (triceps) is slated to throw in Tampa on Monday. Nova was placed on the disabled list on April 27. Nova is 1-1 with a 6.48 ERA and has struggled this season.

Injury Roundup: Grandy 'pretty close'

April, 30, 2013
Curtis Granderson is expected to be the first of the big-time Yankees to return from the disabled list.

"He's probably pretty close," Joe Girardi said.

With Kevin Youkilis being added to the DL, this seems as good a time as any to provide an update on each of the injured Yankees. From interviews with Girardi and Brian Cashman, we are providing our best guesses for when you could see each of the Yankees on the field.

Note, the Yankees are not setting dates, on or off the record, so these are the best guesses with the information I have available:

1. Curtis Granderson (fractured right wrist)

THE SKINNY: Granderson is in spring training mode, but very soon could be playing in games. He will need 50 rehab at-bats, he has said.

The Yankees could speed up the process by having Granderson play in some extended spring games in which Grandy could receive five at-bats in five innings, but however you slice it, it seems he will need at least seven-to-10 days worth of rehab.

He could be in rehab games by the end of the week or the weekend, Girardi said.



2. Mark Teixeira (torn sheath in his wrist)

THE SKINNY: Teixeira is still only taking dry swings, which means he is not even making contact with a ball off a tee. In layman's terms, he is not close.

There is no telling when Teixeira will return, but, best case, it'll probably be late May when you consider he will have to have an extended rehab.



3. Michael Pineda (shoulder surgery)

THE SKINNY: Cashman said everything is the same and the Yankees are still forecasting him for a possible June return.

"Unless he has some sort of setback, he should start his rehab assignment in early May," Cashman said.



4. Derek Jeter (fractured ankle)

THE SKINNY: Jeter is with the team, but remains in a walking boot. The Yankees aren't revealing any plans about Jeter's rehab because it hasn't been decided yet. At the end of the homestand, the Yankees will decide if Jeter will remain in New York or return to Tampa for the next stage of his rehab.

BEST GUESS: After the All-Star break


5. Alex Rodriguez (hip surgery)

THE SKINNY: Cashman said A-Rod is right on course. Girardi added, though, that he is not yet doing any baseball activity.

"He's getting stronger," Girardi said.

BEST GUESS: After the All-Star break


6. Francisco Cervelli (fractured right hand)

THE SKINNY: Cervelli should be about six weeks and then he will need a rehab.



7. Ivan Nova (triceps)

THE SKINNY: When Nova is better he is going to have to be stretched out in the minors.

BEST GUESS: If everything goes right, maybe May 20, but his injury is tough to predict.

Youk, Hughes progessing -- s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y

February, 27, 2013
TAMPA, Fla. -- Aside from both being Yankees, Kevin Youkilis and Phil Hughes have two things in common: Both say they are pain-free. And neither has any idea when they will be allowed to play again.

Youkilis, who was scratched from yesterday's game against the Phillies with what the Yankees are calling a sore oblique, came to the ballpark this morning, took some swings with a fungo bat, sat in on a 90-minute Players Association meeting, and went home without knowing what's in store for him next.

"I'm perfectly all right [but] I'm following all orders," said Youkilis, who continues to seem bemused by the caution displayed by his new manager, Joe Girardi, and the Yankees' medical staff. "For me, the limitations of holding me back stinks, but I understand what they’re doing. And it makes a lot of sense."

Youkilis said he had no idea when he would be cleared to play, but said, "If they let me play tomorrow, I'm totally in for playing tomorrow."

As for Hughes, his return is further off although he, too, reported no further problems with the bulging disk that caused some back pain nine days ago. Hughes completed a six-day course of anti-inflammatories and has been working in a pool for the past couple of days. The original diagnosis was to shut him down for two weeks, and now it seems his inactivity will be at least that long, if not longer.

"I could come in in two days and they could tell me, you’re throwing today," Hughes said. "I just don’t know beyond the pool work what the plan is for me."

The problem Hughes has that Youkilis doesn't have is that he needs a certain number of starts to be ready for the start of the season, which is less than five weeks away.

"Well, every day (of inactivity) is worse in that I’m not throwing," Hughes said. "But it’s a double-edged sword. I don’t want to push this thing and have it become a recurring issue. I want to make sure that it’s over and done with. But at the same time, every day is a day lost, so I’m kind of in that in-between zone."

Hughes estimated he would need 5 to 6 starts to get his pitch count up to 70 pitches, the minimum he would need to be ready to make a major-league start.

Injury report: Youk sore

February, 26, 2013
Kevin Youkilis was scratched from today's game against the Phillies with what he described as "a little cramp" in the area of his left hip. Manager Joe Girardi, admitting he was being overly cautious, decided to whack Youkilis from the game on the bus ride home from Sarasota yesterday before he had even spoken to the player.

"I don't think it's anything serious," Girardi said, "But we’re being really cautious, you know, because you can be right now. So he won’t play today and we’ll probably re-evaluate him after a couple days."

The Yankees are officially calling it a "sore left oblique," but Youkilis, who has had oblique injuries before, laughed at the dianosis.

"I'm perfectly fine," he said. "You ever had a cramp in your side? That's what it felt like."

The Yankees have told Youkilis not to do anything for two days, and Youk, who said he could have played today, seemed bemused by Girardi's reaction.

"I think I kind of learned my lesson, too. Don’t say you're tight," a smiling Youkils said in the clubhouse. "But it's my first week here, and now I understand the terminology and what to do."



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