New York Yankees: Kyle Lohse

First Pitch: Kyle lotion for Yanks rotation?

February, 21, 2013
TAMPA, Fla. -- Suddenly, the Yankees have questions about Phil Hughes' readiness for Opening Day.

Coincidentally, Kyle Lohse is still looking for work.

Lohse's agent, of course, is Scott Boras, who has had reason to speak with Hal Steinbrenner on numerous occasions over the past three weeks.

Is it that far-fetched that while the two were discussing the future of Robinson Cano, Lohse's name just might have popped up in the conversation?

Well, if it hasn't yet, it surely will now, now that Hughes is being set down for at least two weeks with a bulging disk in his back.

Lohse had an excellent year for St. Louis in 2012: 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA. But since the Yankees came to camp with six viable starters for five spots, they never seriously considered him.

Now, they might, and if you know Boras, you can bet he will be pushing him hard.

My guess is the Yankees will wait a while to see how Hughes responds to the course of treatment chosen by their medical staff, a course of oral anti-inflammatories rather than the more invasive cortisone shot or, at worst case, surgery. By then, Lohse may no longer be available -- the Washington Nationals might be a fit for him -- and like a lot of other teams this winter, the Yankees might balk at offering a 34-year-old pitcher more than a one-year contract.

But if the market for Lohse turns out to be less than Boras figured it would be, the Yankees might want to take a chance on him.

QUESTION: Do you think the Yankees should pursue Lohse? Or wait it out with Hughes and go with David Phelps and Ivan Nova if Hughes can't make it?

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Lohse to Yankees?

October, 23, 2012
This year's crop of free-agent pitchers is a particularly weak one. But, one starter who is expected to be shopped hard to the Yankees is righthander Kyle Lohse, who took the loss in last night's NLCS Game 7 for the St. Louis Cardinals. Lohse, who has had two excellent years in St. Louis -- 14-8, 3.39 in 2011 and 16-3, 2.86 in 2012, is a Scott Boras client and Boras is expected to give the Yankees the hard sell on him over the winter, especially since the Yankees have concerns about CC Sabathia's elbow, don't expect Michael Pineda back until next June and have both Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda heading into free agency. Plus, they have doubts about Ivan Nova.

Since the Yankees have already expressed their reservations about Zack Greinke's fitness to perform in New York considering his history of anxiety-related emotional problems, Boras will present Lohse as the best-available option on the free-agent market for starting pitchers. In four postseason starts this year, Lohse went 2-1 with a 3.98 ERA, a number skewed by his Game 7 performance, in which he was charged with five runs in just two innings.



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