Photo: Ty Hensley after the attack

The lawyer for Anthony Morales, the former football player charged with assaulting Yankees prospect Ty Hensley, claims Morales was not the aggressor during the confrontation.

In response, the lawyer for Hensley has released photographs, demonstrating Hensley's initial condition. Hensley's lawyer, Jacob Diesselhorst, also provided this statement:

"These photographs were taken while Ty was still in the hospital being treated for his injuries and, one, a short time after he was released from the hospital.

"As is clear from these photos, Ty’s injuries were clearly not the result of 'self-defense' on the part of Mr. Morales. As is reflected in the felony charges filed against Mr. Morales, Ty was attacked, unprovoked, and was then savagely beaten after he had been knocked unconscious and was defenseless.

"There is only one victim here and it is Ty Hensley.

"We will continue to fully cooperate with authorities, something Mr. Morales declined to do from the outset of this investigation."

One of Morales' lawyers, Kate Thompson, from the Oklahoma City-based law firm White & Weddle, disputed that version of the events.

"We didn't start the fight," Thompson said. "Anthony Morales is a good kid and we are proud to represent him."

Thompson declined to comment Friday on the post-altercation photos.