New York Giants Twitter mailbag Part II: What this day means


A moment, if you would, before we get to the football.

Today is Memorial Day, and I think it's a very important day on the calendar. A lot of people get this day wrong. You hear the phrase "Happy Memorial Day" a lot, but this was never intended to be a happy day. It was intended to be a solemn one -- a day to honor the men and women who have willingly died in defense of our country.

That's some heavy stuff -- a lot heavier than anything we ever write about deflated footballs, the wacky and wobbly commissioner or the New York Giants' run game. This is a day to stop and think about the people who decided it was worth dying to protect our way of life. It's damn humbling, and if the day is to be offered only to that, then it's worth taking a break from thinking about football or any of the other, more trivial things that occupy us on a daily basis.

So this is what happens here. The blog must be fed every day, so feed it I will. I'm going to take exactly one Giants Twitter mailbag question. I'm going to answer it as honestly and fully as I usually do. And then I'm going to ask you to step away from the computer or put down your phone or tablet and go spend time thinking about something other than football for a day.

I don't care whether you sit on your back porch and think about the meaning of the day, whether you spend it at your kids' baseball or softball game or whether you spend it, as I will, honoring our fallen men and women by charring the flesh of dead animals over an open flame and consuming it in the company of friends and family. This is a holiday, and an important one, and we all need to take the day off and chill out.

Rant over. Thanks for listening. Here's your Giants topic of the day:

@DanGrazianoESPN: I think the Giants have more depth at linebacker, at wide receiver, on the defensive line and at running back than they've had in recent years. The quality of that depth is a different discussion for a different day, but they do have depth in those spots. The offensive line depth remains in question, especially following the six-month loss of Will Beatty to an offseason pectoral muscle injury. The cornerback depth isn't what it was a year ago, and there's almost nothing at safety, but yes, the roster is beginning to fill in after hollowing out at the end of the 2013 season. As for position battles, I have my eye on the nickel corner spot, where Trumaine McBride will try to hold off Mike Harris, Josh Gordy and others. I think both safety spots are up for grabs (though I expect rookie Landon Collins to snag one of them, I just don't know which). Both outside linebacker spots are open, with Devon Kennard and J.T. Thomas the favorites at this point. I remain interested to see how they'll split the running back carries. I'm curious to see who the No. 3 receiver is if Victor Cruz can't come back healthy right away (or at all). And of course, Beatty's injury leaves four of the offensive line spots up for grabs. If you're into position battles, Giants training camp is the place to be. Should be fascinating.

Anyway, that's it from me for today. Go out back and crack one open for the people who gave up everything so you and I could get a sunburn and watch our kids play in the sprinkler. They deserve that and much more.