Closer call? Naaaaah

The Mets have lost 14- and 13-inning games in a four-day span on the road trip without their most expensive reliever ever appearing. But don’t look for any change to their philosophy.

Francisco Rodriguez

Relief Pitcher
New York Mets


Unless the Mets have a lead in extra innings on the road, Francisco Rodriguez likely will remain unused.

“Pretty hard and fast,” pitching coach Dan Warthen said about the Mets’ adherence to the philosophy. “There’s minute exceptions. I think it’s standard across baseball.”

K-Rod has been known to grouse about usage, but the closer suggested Saturday he’s merely an employee who works when called upon.

“My philosophy is to get people out when I come in. That’s my philosophy,” K-Rod said. “Every time they call out there, I’ve got to be ready for it.”

Said Jerry Manuel about Saturday’s non-use of K-Rod: “I was going to go to him if we got the lead.”

Manuel allowed that there might have come a point when Rodriguez had warmed up too many times and had to enter the game no matter the circumstances because after that he would have been burned out.

“If I felt that he needed to warm up and go in, then we would have sent him in with a tie game,” the manager said.