Cowboys: No contradictions in Ezekiel Elliott's story so far

OXNARD, Calif. -- The Dallas Cowboys are in wait-and-see mode when it comes to the domestic violence allegations against running back Ezekiel Elliot.

The Columbus, Ohio, prosecutor’s office is looking into the claims made by a former girlfriend that Elliott assaulted her on multiple occasions. Police did not charge or arrest Elliott, and witnesses did not see an incident occur. The NFL also is investigating the claim through its personal conduct policy, and Elliott could be subject to sanctions even if he is not found guilty in a court of law.

“It’s out of our control,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “Obviously, we hope the sooner the better [with a decision]. I think the league hopes the sooner the better. They’ll get their report completed and we’ll go from there, but it’s out of our control.”

The Cowboys heard from Elliott, his family and agent not long after the alleged incident occurred.

When the Cowboys open practice Saturday, Elliott will be on the field. The team is confident he will face no punishment from legal authorities or the NFL.

“We’ve seen no contradictions from any of the information that we’ve seen [from Elliott],” owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “The information we’ve seen would have him here in camp and involved with us. I’ve seen no bits of information that contradicted that.”