Did Cowboys win too big over Eagles?

The good folks from ESPN's outstanding Stats & Information department have been busy this week attempting to debunk everything I've said about the Cowboys being the hottest team in the NFC. Apparently a 20-point win over the Eagles in a wild-card playoff game isn't necessarily a great sign for the Cowboys.

According to Stats & Information, none of the nine teams to win their wild-card game by 20 or more points since 2000 have reached the Super Bowl. So basically the Cowboys' 34-14 win over the Eagles has knocked them out of contention for the Super Bowl and we should stop talking about the possibility. Don't you know that Felix Jones is kicking himself for scoring that 73-yard touchdown that helped create the final margin?

For the record, the Broncos were the last team to win by 20 or more points in the wild-card round and go on to win the Super Bowl. That happened in 1997.

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