Mosley reveals power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
The critically acclaimed ESPN.com power rankings will be released via stone tablet at 2 p.m. ET. In the interest of transparency, the NFC Beast always rolls out its ballot a little early so that you'll have a live target for your anger. Later in the day, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. will provide cover for all of us when he ranks the Cowboys at least three spots higher than they should be.

Please print the following rankings and pass them around your office:

1. Pittsburgh

2. Carolina

3. Tennessee

4. New York Giants -- I don't worry about one loss. Two straight losses is a problem. Three straight would qualify as a tailspin. This team is much too easy to defend right now -- and I mean on-the-field.

5. Indianapolis

6. Dallas -- All that talent on defense is finally showing up. That was a dominating performance in a big game. Now they have to do it again Saturday against the Ravens. Farewell, Texas Stadium.

7. Tampa Bay

8. Baltimore

9. Miami

10. Atlanta

11. Minnesota

12. Philadelphia -- This is a dangerous team right now. The Eagles need a little help, but if there's a chance the Cowboys come to Philly in two weeks with a wild-card spot on the line. A punch-drunk Redskins team awaits.

13. New England

14. New York Jets

15. Chicago

16. Denver

17. Arizona

18. Houston

19. New Orleans

20. Washington -- This is a bad football team right now. In fact, I'm probably being too generous with this ranking. The offense is awful and the defense made Ced Benson look like a Pro Bowler.

21. San Diego

22. Buffalo

23. Jacksonville

24. San Francisco

25. Green Bay

26. Seattle

27. Cleveland

28. Kansas City

29. Cincinnati

30. Oakland

31. St. Louis

32. Detroit