It's time to name the all-NFC East Team

In case you missed it, the Cowboys and Eagles have combined to place 18 players on the NFC Pro Bowl roster. At this rate, wide receiver Roy Williams could end up in Miami as a ninth alternate. But let's stop worrying about a trivial all-star game and let's focus on coming up with a trivial all-NFC East Team.

I'll need your help in this effort. We'll pick a first-team unit on offense and defense. You'll also select a punter, a return man and a special teams non-returner. You guys will comprise one-third of the vote (in the comments section) and I'll come up with the other two-thirds. Fair enough?

OK, I look forward to your participation. I know it will be a tough decision between Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, so make your arguments in the comments section. I promise to read all of your opinions -- even if your avatar is a small white dog. I'll release the results (and perhaps some of your thoughts) in my Thursday column.

Let the voting begin.