The latest on Donovan McNabb

So there's actually not a front-runner in the "race" to sign Donovan McNabb, according to a Sal Paolantonio report Tuesday. Paolantonio, a frequent contributor to this blog, talked to a high-ranking Eagles source who suggested the Raiders had not separated from the pack, as had been reported a day earlier.

"There is no so-called front-runner," the senior team official told Paolantonio. "We continue to engage in conversations with multiple teams that initially contacted us. Some of the offers involve draft picks, some involve a player, some involve many players. We are evaluating the offers. But if some team had totally blown us away, we would probably have made a deal already."

Interestingly, the source also informed Paolantonio that Michael Vick is no longer being shopped. Can you imagine Vick returning as the backup to Kevin Kolb? There's a chance the Eagles would simply release Vick despite the fact they've already paid him a $1.5 million roster bonus this offseason. The senior official said the Eagles are fielding calls about Kolb, but I'd be shocked if they moved him. I'm not even sure Philadelphia would trade Kolb for a first-round pick at this point. Seriously.

Regarding McNabb, it sounds like the Eagles needed to deliver the message Tuesday that Oakland hasn't been granted exclusive negotiating rights. With teams such as the Bills and 49ers still needing a quarterback, the Eagles don't want the market for McNabb to shrink even more.

Paolantonio suggests that a McNabb trade might not go down until the draft. So that could give us three more weeks to speculate on the veteran quarterback's future.